Mandarine's: Shaelyn shawl
Mandarine's: Autumn Shaelyn shawl
Mandarine's: Shaelyn shawl
Mandarine's: Shaelyn shawl


Less than two weeks ago, I was openning a package that came in the mail, with two incredible skeins of yarn. Road to China light is a wonderful blend of baby alpaca -which is my favourite fiber, cashmere, camel & silk. I'm not mistaken if I say that I have never held anything more soft, and luxurious before that.

It didn't take me too long to find a pattern that would make justice to this decadent yarn. Shaelyn is a beautiful shawl that showcases a simple yet very delicate lace section. And the drape of the yarn makes this shawl such a wearable addition to my wardrobe.

I patiently waited for a whole day, the two skeins by my side, before the urge to cast on was to strong to resist any longer. Just a few days later, my new shawl was soaking in lavender water, blocking, and drying on the line, waiting to bring some warmth around my neck during these chillier autumn days.