Mandarine's: Shwook hat
Mandarine's: Shwook hat
Mandarine's: Shwook hat

 Pattern: Shwook/ Yarn: Jamieson&Smith 2ply jumper

And here it is, my first fair isle project! I never thought that colorwork could be so much fun, from selecting the colors, to seeing how they combine together in a swatch, to knitting one chart after the other. It's really addictive.

Many partcipants of the knit along have already completed their Shwook, and they all look so great! I've seen many color combinations that inspired me so much. and that I hope to include in some future knitting plans. I thought of working on a bigger fair isle project like this one that I absolutely adore, or even this one, even though it would probably take me a whole life time to finish it.

Have you ever completed a fair isle project (I'd love to see it)/ or maybe you already have you eyes upon a pattern?