Something's funny has been hapenning to me lately. I've been missing knitting, a lot. It sounds funny, right? But that's totally true. Even though my days are filled with yarn, and knitting charts, knitting symbols and gauges, I've been craving for more stitches.

I feel that I haven't worked on something for myself in ages. And when I really think about it, that's totally true. I haven't done anything for myself in more than two months.  My needles haven't left me for a second, and they never had the time to cool down, but my hands, and my heart were desperately wanting more.

So last week, I cast on a new project, and I've been cruising across it. I've been working on it religioulsy every single evening after dinner, sometimes until the very late hours of the day, sometimes way before dawn, and more often than I would admit it, it's been really hard to put the needles down, and get a few hours of sleep.

But this pattern is SO addictive. There's something like 20cm of stockinette stitch, needless to say that this could be done with the two eyes closed. And then the lace section is so intriguing and simple, that I keep repeating myself "just one more row, the next row is a purling one, so it's going to be really fast". But before I even realized it, I'm already working on the next row of the chart. And then I keep repeating myseld 'just...".

The pattern is Waterlily by Meghan Fernandes, published in the Pompom magazine, issue 8. The yarn is Drops alpaca silk in the 1760 colorway.

Also, stay tuned for next Thursday, it might have something to share with you!