Swatches diary: Bc garn, Semilla grosso

Mandarine's: Swatch diaries
Mandarine's: swatch diaries


While I was in France, I went through the pile of yarn leftovers that fill my draws, and made some swatches of the yarns that I have used for previous projects. Then I put them carefully in my new swatches folder, with the tag in when I could find it, and a sticker to remind me which needles I knit it with, and the gauge that I obtained.

For this swatch I have used BC garn, Semilla grosso, which is a 100% organic wool. I have used this yarn to knit a owl for a friend's baby. And I must say that it's a wonder to knit it with. It showcases the stitches so perfectly, it's squishy, and it's very soft. The yarn is really versatile and would make a perfect sweater, scarf, hat or mittens. And no surprise here, but I'm already thinking about acquiring some more for future projects.


Mandarine's: swatch diaries
Mandarine's: swatch diaries