Highlights in July

And that's it, with a snap of your fingers, another month is gone. Even though Summer is still here, I can definitely feel that Autumn is not far behind. And when I look back at the pictures that I took this month, most of them feature this brownish tonal color that is very specific to the Fall! (Now I'm having a big smile on my face, just thinking of all the Fall activities).

But let's go back to July. The whole month was very cold and wet. I spent most of my days, working inside, with one window open, listenning to the rain pouring outside.  July was cold, cold enough some days to wear the pair of chunky knitted socks that I bought from an old lady in old town, the same pair of socks that I thought of keeping for later this year. But I just adore them, they smell, look and fit so perfectly!

As I mentionned above, I'm a Fall obsessed person, and I was already thinking of the sweaters that I'd like to add to my closet this year. No surprise here, I bought five skeins of De Rerum Natura Gilliatt, in the caramel colorway. Oh well...

We've been also busy preserving fruits and veggies, making jams and sauces to be eaten later this year!