Fibre Crush {The Fibre Company, Road to China Light}



Have you ever wanted to own the whole collection of one particular type of yarn, and knit with it over and over?
Ever since my eyes first spotted and then my hands touched it, I've been having a fiber crush on The Fibre Company, Road to China Light. I couldn't say if I'm more attracted to the subtle shades within one skein or if it's the softness of the fiber itself that really pleases me.  But since I completed my first project with that particular yarn, it had hardly left my shoulders, and the three precious skeins that I had acquired a few weeks back kept luring me out everytime that I passed by. Whether it's the shawl that I had knit, or the skeins that sleep in my stash, I cannot help myself but (hang on, I'm going to get my shawl), put the fiber under natural light and see how the color changes and then place it against my skin and say one more time "Oh, that's very soft", as if it was the first time that I got in "touch" with that yarn. I've only tried two colorways so far, but I really cannot wait to discover the other ones.

The Fibre Company Road to China Light { 65% baby alpaca, 15% silk, 10% camel + 10% cashmere}

Road to China Light is a 3-ply strong, soft, shiny and drapey yarn with a lot of body perfect for luxurious, soft and warm items. The unique blend of fibers are spun into a smooth yarn and then kettle dyed, and the different way the fibers absorb the dye creates a beautiful depth of color with subtle heathered tones.

Do you have any fiber crush?