Blóm 2.0

Mandarine's: Blóm
Mandarine's: Blóm
Mandarine's: Blóm
Mandarine's: Blóm

Sorry for the radio silence of the past month, but if you follow me on Instagram, you know that I spent the past couple of weeks in France, enjoying the countryside and my family. I've had such a wonderful time there, which made the month of May the best of the year so far. And you have no idea how much I want to go back, and explore every tiny village in the french countryside. But I'll keep that for later as I'm planning to sum up my trip to France in another post.

So today I'd like to share what kept my hands busy during my second week in France instead. When I came back from Britanny, not one but two packages were waiting for me on my doorstep. One of them contained some drops alpaca wool - which is already on the needles. But I'll share that later too. And the other one made its way from sunny Australia. The package itself was quite small compare to the gigantic skein that was inside: 590 yards of luscious untreated Polwarth wool. I'm certain that my face was pretty funny to see when I saw the first glimpse of the skein. I kept my precious in my arms for a good ten minutes, walking around the house, showing it to anyone that would cross my way. After the euphoria, I sat down, and realised that the next hour wouldn't be spent kntting but rather winding by hand these 590 yards of luscious untreated Polwarth wool. (Haaaa).

Then the time flew by. What must have been hours, felt like minutes. I was already more than halfway through the shawl when I realized that the light was very poor when my mom called me for dinner. I knit a bit in the plane, and finished the shawl in Latvia. I waited for my pin blockers to arrive, then gave it a good wash and pined it on my yoga mat. The next evening I was taking these photographs outside between two storms, and right before the end of the glorious blooming lilac season.


  • Pattern: Blóm
  • Yarn: Skein, homestead Light in the Mademoiselle colorway (one skein)
  • Needles: Knit Pro, 4mm metal