The non-crocheter knitter/ baby steps into crochet.


I honestly never thought that I would be crocheting one day. The only time that I really hold a crochet hook is when I need to chain stitches for a provisional cast-on. The hook compared to the knitting needles doesn't feel natural/right in my hand. I usually awkwardly chain one loop very tightly, and then chain a second one way too loosely, and end up with a "chain" of uneven loops that are then picked up very difficultly.

That's why I never thought that I would actually crochet a "real" project, from cast-on to bind-off. And yet these past few evenings I found myself with a hook in my hand, trying to create even stitches one loop after another. The very reason I decided to crochet is because I have this special yarn in my stash that I just don't know what to do with. It's a blend of nettle and wool (single ply?), that I bought somewhere online at a very discounted price. Being a fall girl at heart, I adore this color. I first thought of knitting myself a pair of socks, but then realised that the fibre content wouldn't be the best choice for this kind of item.

I then made a little call out on Instagram, wondering if some of you had any nice pattern in mind. I thought that the yarn would make such a nice pair of fingerless mittens -perfect for later this year when I will be wandering in the woods, foraging for chanterelles and other delicious fungi. I had really really good recommandations of patterns that I now want to cast-on.
But I decided to challenge myself a little bit, and do something that is completely out of my comfort zone: crochet. So I headed out to Ravelry of course, in search of lovely crochet patterns. But then remembered that I pinned this pattern not long ago, and really reconsidered crochet at that time.

I cast on two nights ago, and practiced the stitches again and again, following the instructions very carefully, and checking out Youtube tutorials from time to time, just to know how to make this or that specific stitch. It took me the whole Lord of the Rings I (extended version) to finally get something more or less even. I will keep going and see how far I can go before my stitches start to get all tangled and twisted again.