A little pine dress

christmas wreath.JPG
christmas dress.JPG
pine dress.JPG
pine tree wreath.JPG
pine dress forest.JPG
pine christmas.JPG
forest dress.JPG

As you can see, our Winter Wonderland is gone. The snow has completely melted away, and I'm quite not sure we're going to see snowflakes anytime soon. Christmas is really not the same without these beautiful little flurries.

However, I didn't want the holiday spirit to vanish completely. Last year, I came across this (so) inspiring tutorial on Frolic, and decided that it was the time to give it a try! I took this simple cotton dress and started embroider pine trees all over it. My stitches are far from being perfect but I really like how it turned out! On the top of the dress, I decided to add some extra french knots stitches, and hop, it's snowing on pine trees!

In less than a few hours, I'll take a bus and head off to Lithuania to celebrate Christmas Eve. Hopefully my snowy pine tree dress will bring some flurries there!

In the meantime I wish you a happy and merry Christmas!