Simple living: Kitchen tools

clean living:kitchen tools.jpg

1. Honey dipper // 2. Cheesecloth // 3.  Natural Kitchen Sponge // 4. Vegetable brush // 5. Cooking string // 6. Linen dishcloth.

This is what I'm dreaming of these days: natural products for my kitchen. These could be described in three words: simple, natural & effective. There's no doubt that with these, I would spend even more time in my kitchen, experimenting with new things.

I think it's about the middle of November last year, that I started to teach myself more about food preservation. It's been such a fascinating journey so far, and I'm pretty excited to share my discoveries very soon. I've already made two sauerkrauts, four pickles recipes, and since yesterday evening, I'm the happy mommy of a kombucha scoby! 

*Picture not sourced from Pinterest.