Here & there lately

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I test knitted a stunning hat pattern. I finished my Praline cardigan! I'm in the process of blocking it now. I still have to find pretty wooden buttons for it. I added vintage swedish candle holders to the Etsy shop. I used my essential oils roll-on almost everyday this week. I've been searching for inspiration in books. Started a new health program {fertility awareness method}. Purchased a large amount of yarn for my Etsy shop. I handdyed yarn with tumeric, and I got the most beautiful gradient yellow!


I stumbled upon this beautiful video featuring Gudrun Johnston. Anna has been making several sweaters lately, and they all look so pretty. I've been enjoying the snow through Liesl's blog (she's going to release an adorable clothing collection very soon). Karen's Acer cardigan is simply stunning. Soul mama handdyed yarn makes me want to experiment more with natural dyeing. I share the same thoughts about this subject.