Shetland Wool Week Shwook Hat Knit Along.

Mandarine's: Shetland Wool Week Shwook Hat KAL

So the Shetland Wool Week has officially started, and I couldn't be more thrilled about it! If you're among the lucky ones that are attending the wooly event it means that you're already having the time of your life. But for the rest of us, it means that the long time-waiting Shwook KAL is starting!

It's been so fun & inspiring to see the different colors and fibers that the participants have decided to put together. Hege's color palette might be my favourite combo so far, her colors blend together so well. Fran has decided to handspun her own yarn to make her Shwook. How exciting that is! And Leigh is cruising. Her hat looks fantastic already. She came along with a lining technique to prevent the "itchy" factor on the brim. That's so smart! She explains the process on her blog very well.

If you want to join the challenge, there is still plenty of time to come on board! You can also follow on Instagram the several works in progress with the hashtag #SWWKALshwook.

Happy Shetland Wool Week!