Knitting | Ever since I completed my first fair isle project a few weeks ago, I've been obsessed with colorwork. I finished all of my work in progress, and the only thing that I had left on my needles was my Strokkur sweater. The bottom part of the body is already finished, and I cast on for the first sleeve yesterday.

If you're not familiar with this pattern, it's a simple icelandic sweater that features a beautiful colorwork yoke. But there's also stockinette, and a lot of it I must say. When I cast on for the sleeves, I realized that I would have to work many rows before starting the fun part of the sweater. And i couldn't imagine myself knitting more stockinette without the prospect of adding a little bit of fair isle before the yoke. And that's what I did!

I played a bit with colors, placing one square of yellow here and two of grey there, and I ended up with a little chart that represents a very simple pattern that I would include on the bottom part of the sleeves. As you can see, there's nothing fancy about it. And I think that it will complement the sweater very well, without taking away too much from the yoke.

Reading | Little read in the city and Herbal recipes for vibrant health.

This week I'm joining Ginny's yarn along, to share my love for reading and knitting.