Swatches diary: Little birds stitch

Mandarine's: Swatches diary


I'm introducing another category for the blog. In the "Swatches diary", I will share some swatches that I had made for a pattern that I have knit or designed, some interesting stitches that I have found along the way, or some yarns that I wanted to test out and see how they would knit up. I don't have so many to share yet, as I'm pretty new to the swatching world, but I'm already working on building a small collection. When I first started knitting, I usually skipped this -oh so important step, as I thought that this step wasn't  so important.

Things have changed a little bit since then. I do swatch. And I do find pleasure in swatching. I don't only do it because "I have to', but also because I do love collectiing these little colorwful squares in my diary, look back at them from time to time, and get inspired once more by the yarn, the color or the texture.

This very first one has been knit in Peace Fleece/PYHO MИPA which is a blend of Native/Non-Native American fine wool and Texas mohair. I knit this little swatch while I was waiting for the yarn that I had ordered for my Praline cardigan to arrive. I practiced the stitch that was used in the cardigan a little bit with this yarn, which also allowed me to see how this yarn would knit up. Then I used this same yarn to knit the Laurel hat.

Do you also keep your swatches? Do you look back at them from time to time to find inspiration?