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Dress: Thrifted | Harvesting bag: Vintage sisal | Shoes: H&M (old) 

In less than a week or so, everything started blooming like crazy in here. This year, I promised myself to take advantage of this gorgeous season as much as I can.  Last year was pretty busy with my studies and my daily job. And the year before I was in China. There's only a few weeks to enjoy the beauties of Spring before Summer knocks are our doorstep. But this year, I have a lot of time for myself, so I shamelessly indulge in more frequent walks & pictures taking. I've never been so enthusiastic with the arrival of Spring to be honest - well not as much compare to how excited I am when the fall season approches. But now that everything is in bloom, I truly embrace it.  Each new week brings a new addition to the blooming painting: a new delicate flower appears in the trees, adding a new touch of color in the landscape and a new smell to perfume the streets.

I'm so ecstatic to spend my time outside, with the harvesting basket on my shoulder. I always make sure to carry a pair of scissors to bring flowers back home, a little notebook to press some botanicals, my knitting and enough space for all the flowers that will fill the vases and jars in my kitchen (and the bedroom, and the studio).I wonder how many different flowers I will bring back home in the next coming weeks. I already had some maple tree and apple tree flowers, and this week it was lilac.

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