moodboad yarn & plants
drying blueberrie leaves
inspiration board yarn & drying plants
foraging mushrooms & berries
wip knitting

The berries got even bigger than last time and are flourishing now. When I head outside with my baskets, I know which path in the woods will lead me to find my favourite bushes. No later than yesterday afternoon, I was there again, filling my baskets with these precious fruits. The satisfaction that you get from eating a jam or a soup made with food that you found for free in the wild is priceless. I know that this abundance isn't going to last, so in the meanwhile, I'm trying to enjoy it as much as I can. If I would listen to myself, I would eat all of the berries at once. But then I remembered the cold months of the year, and how much I was craving for some homemade jam on my toasts. I know that this week might be the very last one for blueberries. So I headed back this afternoon for one last harvest. After getting my little container almost full with them, I decided to go and explore some parts of the woods that I didn't know very well. Unexpectedly, but very gratefully, I found mushrooms on my way. If you've ever been mushrooming before, you might already know this feeling, this frenzy that empowers you, and pushes you to find even more. With my little basket on my back and my bottle of water, I was unstoppable! We found many Cantharellus cibarius. Some of them were already so big! We also got some Boletus, and there is one mushroom that I had already seen before but wasn't very sure about. Luckily, there was a grandma that was mushrooming too, so we asked her, and she said it was a Suillus. I'm so happy when I get the chance to expend my knowledge on wildfood. Yum.

When I'm not too busy running around in the woods, I try to find the time to knit some stitches. Yesterday evening, I started working on my Christmas in July knitting. The chart is very easy to follow so far, the repeats are very entertaining and not too complicated. This yarn is also fantastic, I absolutely adore the little gold and green flecks that pop out here and there.