First steps in fair isle

Fair isle knitting
fair isle knitting


There’s been a lot of temptation this week. Even though I already have a lot of projects on my needles, which is mostly work for my Etsy shop, I was very close to cast on the Shwook hat. Maybe it’s because of the yarn that is taunting me on the shelf, or it’s because Anna just finished hers too.
But I’ve tried to be reasonable and wait for October before casting it on.
In the meanwhile I wanted to practice a bit of fair isle, since I’ve never tried this technique before, and see if my colour combination was working.
And I never thought that it could be so addictive! After finishing one of the charts to check my gauge, I didn’t want to put my needles down anymore. I was completely hooked. October’s going to be amazing! If any of you is interested in a knit-along let me know, that could be a lot of fun!


fair isle knitting