Mandarine's: warble cowl


If you remember, a few weeks ago, I had started working on the warble cowl, that I plan to gift  to a special person later this year. I had only worked a few rows on it, and then decided to put it aside. I absolutely love the pattern, it is so delicate and precious. But the yarn that I had choosen wasn't the best fit for the recipient. I needed to find a yarn that would be extremely soft, and that would fit her complexion. That's why I went for the Cascade Venezia, which is a blend of Mulbery silk and merino wool. The yarn is not only exquisite, but I feel that the stitch pattern showcases much better.

I'm not going to put updates on that project in here anymore since I want to keep it "secret", but I will definitely make some updates on Instagram from time to time.

Are you already working on some Christmas present?