Mandarine's: lopi love


As soon as my Lopi yarn arrived, I decided to cast on the sweater that I had in mind. Even though I do not like to have several projects on my needles, I wasn't patient enough to finish my Keynote cardigan before casting something new on. And for my defense, I do not have that much work left on the latter. I've finished the body, and I'm now picking up stiches to start ribbing. So I do not feel too ovewelmed with what I'm currently working on.

The Strokkur sweater is coming along nicely. I just adore the rustic feeling of the yarn, and I cannot help but picture myself hiking somewhere on an island, up in the North, the sweater on my shoulders. I'm very looking forward to seeing how the colorwork is going to look. I'm pretty much obssessed with Fair Isle since I made my very first swatch for the Sheltand Wool Week Knit Along ( that is started in less than a month!).