2015 yarn-related goals



Last year I decided to set a very simple list of goals that were all knitting-related. It was nothing hard to accomplish by any matter, but still, I enjoy it as a little victory. I learned so much in a year, that I decided to renew the experience, and set more goals for this year. I'll see where it will bring me!

1. Keep working on pattern designing. 
At the moment I have two designs on the needles. The first one is a shawl, and I hope to be able to publish it by the end of the month/beginning of next month. The idea of creating my own pattern came out right after I completed my first one. I wore it everywhere with everything, and I'm totally convinced that it was my favourite knit of the year.
The second pattern that I'm working on is a totally different story. I started working on it back in October, making little progress on it, since I knew that i wanted it to be published during the fall of 2015. But something very similar has been published recently, so I has to re-think the whole thing out. My ideas for that pattern have totally shifted ever since, and as soon as I'm done with the shawl, I'll give it another try.
2. Focus on buying more yarn from small farms/ independent dyers (natural fleeces or natural dyeing)
3. There's so many different fibers out there! I want to learn more about breed specific wool; what qualities the different fibers have, and see how they knit up. And my first wooly purchase of the year goes in that direction. The first skein on the picture is an organic wensleydale, and the two other ones are Westcountry Tweed yarn, which is a limited edition made from a blend of lustrous Teeswater Crossbred wool from the Mendip Hills and matt Black Welsh Mountain wool from Devon. Just in case you were wondering, I got these two at Blacker yarns which sells British wool exclusively.
4. Keep working on my natural dyeing endeavours.
5. As always learn new techniques.

Do you have any crafty goal this year? Or patterns that you know you WILL knit this year?