Unearth: Goldenwood & Discovery

Mandarine's: Goldenwood

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Itold you a little while ago that I've been working on a couple of secret projects. Well I can finally talk about my last collaboration with the sweet Melissa. A little while back she contacted me, asking me if I would be interested in joining her in a new adventure. I remember her using the words "yayn, photography, nature, collaborations", and the more she was talking abou the project, the more excited I was. Melissa created a new digital publication called "6 bits storybooks". It is a digital quarterly that features knitting patterns and articles.

6 Bits
is an INNOVATIVE knitting publication flowing from
journeys of story tellers:
knitters, photographers, writers, designers, friends
& nature.

For the very first issue, I got to create two sweet little patterns, and write a couple of articles.
 The first pattern that I created is the Discovery scarf. I have knit it using two skeins of Buckaloo View, sport IV, 100% superfine alpaca. It is a very simple pattern that features a very danty lace stitch that reminds me of acorns and medallions. This pattern was a little bit challenging for me because I usually work with a design in my mind and then select the yarn to make it. But this time I worked the other way round and started creating with the yarn in hands.

My second pattern is the Goldewood cowl, a pattern inspired by the world of Tolkien. For this one I have used two skeins of By Annie Claire, Full Belly Feels Good which is a 100% organic wool. This yarn is quite rustic and actually influenced the way I created the pattern. It is closed in the back by three little apple tree buttons.

I will be casting on the Goldenwood this weekend for the #unearthKAL which started on November 2nd. Head over to the 6 bits ravelry group to learn more about the knit along and enter to win prizes!

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