Yarn crush: Hole&Sons

Hole&sons yarn


Almost a year ago, I started following an Instagramer who's feed has inspired me over and over. Everyday I was virtually travelling to the Isle of Purbeck in England, following Benjamin's steps in the glorious country. In the Summer, I remember that he posted countless pictures of his flock of sheeps, peacefully resting in the pasture. And I told myself a couple of times "How wonderful would it be to be able to touch these sheeps, and ... wait...yarn?" And later last year, Benjamin announced that the fleece has been sent to a mill to be proceded, and that the precious yarn will be available shortly after.

I don't remember being so impatient in my life before - or maybe when I was still a toddler, and I knew that the next day I will go to Disneyland. That's how excited I was. Instagram is such a great resssource in that way. It's almost like if I knew these sheeps, and I actually spent time in this part of England for almost a calendar year.

In January the yarn still hasn't reach the shop, and my hope of getting a teeny tiny skein was slowly fading away. One morning, as I was drinking a cup of coffee innocently and refreshing my instagram feed, the cup in one hand and my phone in the other, I almost split out my first sip when I saw Karen Templer's picture of hers, grabbing one of these skeins, and a bag full of them beside her. "What?" She then announced that she's been very lucky to get her hands on the yarn, because it sold out very quickly. "How? Where?" Then she redirected us to Sue's feed who actually announced the release of the yarn a couple of days before. I immediately "subscribed"! She then sent me a message, telling me that the yarn would be available the next day.

So the next day, I set the alarm clock at 6am. From 6.05am until maybe 8am, I've been refreshing the Etsy page fanatically. But my efforts and determination paid! When the skeins were finally available, I made sure to place a couple of them in my cart, just to make sure that they wouldn't sold out before I decided which color to get. A week later these beauties arrived.

I already have a project in mind for these two skeins, but at the moment, I will keep them preciously, close to my heart.

Did you get some of that yarn too? #Hole&sonsyarn