Fiber artist feature: Liesl of Buckaloo View

Buckaloo view

I've been wanting to share Liesl's work for quite a while now, and never really found the time to introduce her properly. I've been following Liesl for more than five years now, and ever since I found her many years ago through Wordpress, I've been in awe, moved, inspired and I'm beyond words grateful for knowing her.
She's a homesteader, a knitter, a quilter, a seamstress, a natural dyer and many more things.

She recently decided to open her new shop, Buckaloo View, where she sells yarn that she naturally dyes with material that she forages or grows in New Jersey. As she started to share more and more pictures of colorful yarn, I've been wanting to learn more about her dyeing journey.

So, make yourself comfortable, grab a cup of tea coffee or whatever you'd like, and let's dive in!

When did you start your dyeing journey and how did you get started?
I started dyeing back in the summer of 2012. I had become very interested in gardening and the natural world around me, trying to identify trees, plants and flowers. Around the same time, I’d also become thoroughly obsessed with knitting and fiber. Natural dyeing was just the result of all of these things merging into one.

Mandarine's: Buckaloo view natural dyeing journey

Where do you source the fibre that you dye with i.e Is there a farm close to you where you can get wool from?
Right now, I buy commercially produced yarn to dye. In the future, I do hope to source all or at least some of my base yarns from local, small farms. There are definitely a lot of fiber farms in my area and I’m looking forward to getting in touch with them this year. My ultimate dream is to cut out the middleman completely and raise my own fiber---but that is quite a ways away!

Mandarine's: Buckaloo view natural dyeing journey

Do you have a favourite skein in your hand-dye collection? What’s your favourite material to dye with/ favourite fibre?
It’s always been hard for me to choose favorites! But I really do like the red cabbage and opal basil skeins I’ve dyed. But that is because I’m partial to grays and blues. I tend to dye with a lot of marigold and black walnut hulls because they are so plentiful and dependable. As far as fiber, I’ve only dyed on merino and alpaca. The latter tends to produce softer, more muted colors, which I love.

Mandarine's: Buckaloo view natural dyeing journey
Mandarine's: Buckaloo view natural dyeing journey

Where do you see Buckaloo View in a near future?
As far as yarn, I’m hoping to expand my color palette and try out new dye materials, as well as new, interesting fibers. For the shop, I hope to offer more sewn goods, including simple tanks and dresses and totes, as well as other items made from materials that I grew or sourced from this farm. And for the farm, 2015 is the year of fixing and repairing and prepping for future plans. The barn roof leaks, new garden beds need to be worked, fruit trees planted, and, as always, I have so much to learn!

Mandarine's: Buckaloo view natural dyeing journey
Mandarine's: Buckaloo view natural dyeing journey

You can fin Liesl on her blog at Buckaloo View, shop her yarns and pouches and follow her everyday on Instagram.