A sea of swatches

Life has been incredibly hectic these past few weeks. I wake up on Monday mornings, and when I wake up the next morning, it's already Friday. I can't believe that half of the year has already past, and the list of things that have to be accomplished this year keeps getting longer and longer.

So to keep you updated, I spent these past few weeks knitting a lot (obsviously), and swatching even more than ever, practising different stitches, and trying to incorporate them into pre-designed shapes. That's a lot of work, because when you have a clear idea of what you want, but the whole thing doesn't work out that way, you can end up spending days and days brainstorming the same idea, and try to put 12 into 10. But it stil doesn't work. So you have to modify, and admit that the initial idea that you had in mind will not work that way. Thus the growing pile of swatches...

Now back to my knitting!