Highlights in June

June has been another great lonth this year. The weather has been amazing, and a lot of time has been spent outside in the nature. I visited the Latvian ethnographic museum for the first time this year, and it's always such a pleasure to go back to that place, and explore every single wooden house, as if it was the first time. I'd love to have a knitting retreat there.

My friend Mary came and visited me for a long week. We did a whole lot of things together, but what I liked the most was taking the night bus at 2am, and spending the whole day visiting Tallinn. I love the city. The old town and its small streets, the pavement, the tiny shops and the coffee in this amazing bookstore.

We did some mandatory shopping, playing tourists and entering every single souvenir shop on your way. She bought a couple of pairs of socks, and I got this stunning pair of embroidered mittens. There was no way I could leave these behind.

June was also a very good mail month. I received the most amazing package from the sweet Dawn, a Kate Davies tote bag, and some Jamieson&Smith yarn for an upcoming pattern.