A knitter's minimalist wishlist

A knitter's wishlist


As soon as the new year kicked off I've been wanting to clean up and rearrange my little craft area.

1. My stash grew quite signifiantly over the past few months as I have been growing my yarn and designing business, and storage started to become quite limited. I love keeping my stash in baskets, but at the moment the two that I am using are completely full with skeins, and it's becoming quite tricky to see what I have and thus be inspired by the yarn that I own when the skeins are not on display. The other day I came across a couple of really inspiring videos on the web, and I've been really eager to built with reclamed wood or palettes little triangular or honeycomb shelves where I could store my yarn. The one shown is available here.

2. I'm really interested in all kinds of crafts and pottery is one of them. Last Christmas as I was spending time in France with my parents, we decided to visit a medieval town called Provins. That same day, my mom gifted us a set of japanese-inspired tea set that an elderly man was making in his little studio/shop in the old town. Since then I've been obssessed with the craft, and I'm actually thinking of attending a class with mom in a near future. I don't think that I would ever be able to create a mug as quite as this one though.

3. As I'm working on a new pattern, I've ben dreaming of warm colors and yarns that I have not yet tried. I'm a little bummed that I didn't grab a skein or two of Quince's Finch when I was in Paris. The colorways shown are: Clay/Audouin/ Honey.

4. And last but not least, Twig&Horn minimalist birch knitting bowl. That's a little piece of art.