Tea ceremony

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The two years that I spent in China have changed me in so many different ways. My attitude towards life has totally changed. I have learned to slow down and enjoy simple pleasures from my everyday life. These moments are so important to me, and I try to treasure them my best.

This new philosophy came to me when I was first initiated to tea "ceremony". Before China, I was such a stranger to this art de vivre. I had no idea that tea could be so versatile, and its flavors could be so different from one another, I didn't know that each sip was different from the previous one and most of all, I didn't know that tea was carrying such a fascinating history.

Two years have past, and I'm still addicted to this beverage. Even though it's pretty hard to find really good tea, that could  quench my thirst of flavors, I have still managed to get my hands on a few good ones!

For natural tea I would brew some Oolong from Dammann Frères. For something more fancy/festive I'll take a cup of Thé des moines from Le palais des thés. Before going to bed I love to drink Bedtime from Yogi Tea. And when I'm on the rush I just infuse a tea bag from Clipper.

What's your attitude towards tea? What tea do you like to drink the most? More tea or coffee?