A month in review |November|

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Hello and welcome to my new space!

This month has been quite busy knitting wise, and I really hope that this will not change!

  • I received some gorgeous yarn from Purple Laines to make my November hat / Also received yarn from De Rerum Natura to cast on Praline / Received my first skein from The Uncommon thread!
  • I've been knitting like a crazy lady both for myself and for the Etsy shop.
  • Spent quite a lot of time outside, taking pictures, walking around and foraging.

You might be wondering why I've suddenly decided to start blogging on a new platform. I've been always satisfied with wordpress, but I've realized lately that it started to become very complicated to access my blog. I don't know if you encountered the same issue, but it was almost impossible to load my pictures from previous posts anymore (all of them were hosted of my flickr account) and it became extremely annoying. I've tried many times to import all of my previous blog content, but couldn't manage to get all of my posts. Therefore, I took the difficult decision to start over. I will keep the previous blog online, and if you still want to explore it sometime, it will still be there. I will try my best to bring a bit my favourite posts here.

Hope that you like my new home!

PS: {If you want to follow my blog, you can suscribe to the new bloglovin' feed}

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