Sweet December

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The other day was pretty special and different from my daily routine. I spent the whole afternoon knitting, dreaming, writing and blogging in a lovely coffee shop. The time past by so quickly, that I even didn't notice that it was already dark outside (In this part of the world, the night comes as early as 4pm). Then I took the tram to reach the other side of Riga, to meet some new friends for my first Latvian knitting club.

We spent the evening talking about culture, knitting traditions and life. And it was absolutely fantastic. We gathered in a very old wooden house that Kristin was renting, and we sat and talked with a warm cup of ginger tea. These ladies were so skillfull! Two of them were knitting gorgeous icelandic sweaters/dresses, and they were both pretty confident with steeking (brrr)! I cannot wait to meet them again next week!

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Project bag Jena Rose // Dress ℅ Joules // Snood Mandarine's // Knitting Praline

I'm still working on my Praline cardigan. And I got the body finished yesterday evening. I'm going to start knitting the sleeves today, and I'm pretty excited about it, even though it stresses me out a bit. Praline is my very first "big project" and I really want it to turn out beautifully.

I'm also going to start knitting my December hat for the Knit twelve hats in a year challenge. I already got the yarn, bought the pattern, but I'm still waiting for it to come...I hope that you're all having a lovely week!