Lately & an Ode to Ulysse

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aster, ulysse, de rerum natura.JPG
baby flower.JPG
an ode to ulysse.png
praline cardigan sleeve.JPG

+ My beautiful friends were doing quite well, especially the little purple one. I love spending time with them, nourishing them and rotating them in the house, to let them enjoy the light.

+ I've been working hard to finish my cardigan. I think I still have a 20% left. I'm currently working on the second sleeve increases. The yarn that I'm using for this project is just so lovely. I trully think that it's one of my favourites.

+ I've been steaming something like 25 jars today. I'm about to make more pickles and more slaw/sauerkraut. I'll try to share some of the recipes on the blog soon! I find canning/preserving so fascinating.

+ My sweet Anna sent me the most adorable card for Christmas. Thank you so much again! She finished a beautiful mustard sweater, and is planning to knit another one very soon. I love to see her behing the scenes so much.

+ I stumbled upon this interesting article about knitting.

+ Liesl just published an article about her last knitting project. I could  never tell that Levenwick is her second cardigan. It's just perfect!