Woods & Wool

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Cardigan: Vintage / Dress H&M / Hat: Noa Noa from Vibeke / Pendant: Mandarine's / Project Bag, pouch: Jenna Rose

Oh today was so very nice! I spend my afternoon walking around in the woods, trying to capture this mystical winter light, enjoying the beauty and the silence that were surrounding me. I wish I could have stayed a little longer, have a nice cup of coffee, sit around a fire with a blanket around my shoulders, and knit a bit longer. But that sounds like a very good plan for this week-end!

Before heading out to the woods, I received this beautiful baby alpaca yarn in the mail. I don't remember touching anything softer in my whole life before. And this blue is SO pretty! The yarn is called Miski, and comes from a peruvian company called Mirasol. Have you ever heard about them? I got mine there.

I always love deep pinks and purples, and if I would listen to myself, most of my knitting would be in the same shades. But this blue was so appealing! I started knitting my January hat with it, and the yarn is so soft, that I'm almost halfway done...