Homesteading diary: Home brewed Kombucha

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kombucha scoby.JPG
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About a month ago, I became the new owner of a mother kombucha aka SCOBY (symbiotic colony of bacteria and yeast). The same night I got it, I spend a few hours researching how to take care of my new pet. I discovered that kombucha could not only make a delicious beverage for your pallet, but it was also proved that it could help to increase your immune system.

 I fed her with sweetened black tea and covered her up with a clean cheesecloth for about ten days, before harvesting my first batch of kombucha tea.  I didn't bottle it up and decided to drink it straight away instead. An oh my, I've never tasted anything like this before. The taste was really amazing!

Along my research, I saw that pople could also make fizzy juice from kombucha (it sounded so fancy,) if you would let it ferment for a few days within a bottle. And that could make sense, because I was already making ginger ale, and the process was quite similar. So, on my second harvest, I bottled it up with some fresh pears slices, and let it rest outside to carbonate for three days before putting it in the fridge for two.

The second batch was such a little success! I didn't have any champagne cups to drink my fancy juice with, but I it didn't really matter, I was so happy with the little bubbles that I had in my jar.

I cannot wait to try it with wild berries this summer!