Early Spring in baby pink

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Oh this week-end really smelled like Spring. I wanted to go back to the woods so badly, and pick up daffodils, and have a long walk near the lake and start growing veggies on my tiny balcony....

Well, I might pop up to my local nursery to grap some soil tonight, and try to find a way to buy organic seeds online. If you know were I could find some, that would be so great to share these info with me! The balcony is quite small, and its mostly sunny in the morning, so I wonder what kind of veggies I could grow there...

Since I'm having my kitchen filled with beautiful flowers almost every week,  I decided that it could be so nice to keep a trace of the plants that I had at home during the year, and press them into a botanical diary. I could also add some treasures that I would find in the woods.

On my needles... the last hat for the "knit twelve hats in a year challenge". I cannot believe this is the last one!

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I wanted to be a bit more adventurous for this hat and chose a color out of my comfort zone. Since Spring is around the corner, and flowers are going to bloom anytime soon, I thought it could be a really nice way to embrace this new season.

The yarn is Cascade Heather 220 in baby pink. And the pattern... well, I'll keep you updated, and show you more of my wip during this month. What I can tell you about it, is it's a new pattern that has been realised recently by a very talented lady, and it features one of my favourite stitches.

How's the Spring going in your part of the world?