Heather & Tulips

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I realised that since my cardigan's finished, I found myself browsing ravelry pages persistently, for sweater patterns. I selected a few, and set them on the side to knit them later. But there's one cardigan that really caught my eye during my investigation. This sweater is not only perfect in appearance, but I also find its name so appealing. It's called "Heathered", and is pretty in so many ways (Heather is probably my most favourite flower). This top down cardigan is very simple, yet its details make it so elegant.

Once I knew which cardigan I wanted to knit, I had to find a yarn that would be the perfect match. At first I thought that I would use merino or alpaca. But I realised then that Spring is just around the corner, and I would have plenty of time later this year to get ready for the colder months, and knit with warmer fibers. Instead, I decided to give a try to something new for me: plants fibers.

This cardigan is going to match two of the knitting goals that I set this year - knit another cardigan, and try another fiber. So the yarn that I chose for this project is a beautiful mix of linen and cotton - the perfect match for a Spring/Summer garment.

* I have a new packaging for the snoods in my shop - simple paper bags that are made here in Latvia, by people with disabilities. I really like how they turned out!

** I found pretty vintage soviet boxes the other day. I use them to store my wooden pearls/ threads and other tiny little things that didn't have a nice place to rest yet.