Lately, flowers, lovely mail, tea & bath

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natural soap & sponge.JPG
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lovely mail.JPG

I've been so grateful lately. Especially for the lovely mail that I received from my friend Liesl. Her packaging is the most precious one. I've been grateful for the beautiful tulips that I bought at the market and stayed in my kitchen for a week. I've been grateful for short quotes that I had everyday on my yogi tea bags. I've been grateful for the delicious natural soaps that I bought yesterday: honey and tea tree leaves.

Not pictured: My second batch of ginger beer. I had to wait for five minutes before being able to open the bottle. The bubbles were so crazy inside! But it was worth it. That was the best sparkling beverage that I have ever drank. My kombucha is doing very fine. I gave my friend Kristin the first baby that I had, so she could make her own drinks. I've been re watching the Edible garden. This show is so inspiring. And I've been grateful for the friendships that I made in here. I'm always so excited before seeing my latvian/german girlfriends on Thursday evening.

I'm so grateful for the little pleasures that I can find in simple things. They make me so happy.