Equinox: starting a mini veggie garden, indoors

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What could be the best way to celebrate the first day of Spring than starting a mini indoors veg garden?

Last week, when we just got hitten by a big snowstorm, I went to my local nursery to grap some equipment for my springy project. I was so surprised when I found recycled plant containers, some organic soils and seeds! 

I've never tried to grow veggies and herbs indoors and on my tiny balcony yet, but I really would like it to work. That would be one (tiny) step forward to self-sufficiency. I've tried to stay realistic. I know that it's impossible to grow big veggies such as pumpkins and other squashes when you don't have a land. But I thought that, with a bit of luck, I could get some tomatoes and leafy greens.

Did you do anything special for this first day of Spring?