Brewing coffee {The moka pot}

What's your favourite way to brew coffee?

Do you use a coffee machine, a coffee press, a moka pot?
Before Latvia, I always used to use a coffee machine to brew my coffee. I didn't even know that they were other ways to do it.  But since I don't own a machine to do the job anymore, I had to find different ways to brew it.

And I realised that I enjoy the whole process so much more. Do not misunderstand me, everytime that I stop by a coffeeshop, I cannot resist the delicious smell of a freshly brewed coffee beans, and I get in to have a small shot of espresso, or a flat white, or even an almond latte. There's no way, I could resist.
But when I'm at home, I like to take my time, and enjoy the slow process.

I thought it would be very nice to show you the different ways I enjoy it. This week-end I shot a short video with my moka pot. I'll share my other tools later if you're interested.