The yarn dilemma

heather+ ulysse.JPG
salt and pepper + pepper.JPG

A week after casting off my last big project, I found myself browsing cardigan patterns on ravelry - again. I thought my wrists would get tired after knitting non-stop, but they don't seem to mind at all. That's the exact opposite actually. The more I knit, the more it makes me want to knit, and acquire more knowledge about natural fibers.

I usually tend to select the patterns first and then find a yarn that would work. But for some reason I already knew which yarn I'll use this time. I put this idea in mind that I had to try Gilliatt from De rerum natura. While I was trying to reorganize my yarn leftovers, I found the Ulysse yarn samples that I had received for my Praline cardigan. I took two of them in my hands, and realised how beautiful they were, and how difficult it would be for me two choose only one of them.

Well, the crazy lady that I am, found herself dreaming about them the same night. So, when I woke up the next morning, I knew that I had to make a choice and select only one of them for my next big project...  So I went to the online shop, to have a closer look, and realised that "salt and pepper" -the left one on the picture, was out of stock. Great, I didn't have any choice to make after all! So I selected "pepper", and clicked "buy".

Two days later, I received an e-mail from the sweet Solenn, to tell me that she just has a few skeins of "salt and pepper" left, and I still could get my hands on them... After much thoughts and kind advices on Instagram, I made a wise decision and ordered the light one.

Now that the yarn is on its way, I have time to ask YOU for more advise! Here's the situation: the yarn that I ordered -Gilliatt, is a worsted weight yarn. The pattern on the left is my favourite (for now), but it calls for DK. I also really like the one on the right "Helga", which needs worsted weight. But I think that Keynote would look better in "Pepper & Salt". If you have any recommendation/ advice/ suggestions/ preferences, you could share your thoughts with me.

PS:I've never substituted yarn before.