Heathered cardigan

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Not a long time ago, Karen shared her thoughts on slow fashion & how she would like to be able to make 25% of  her clothes. Since that day, her idea is stuck really deep in my mind. Over the years, I started to change my buying habits completely - I changed from being this unconscious girl, who would buy a 100% polyester dress without any concerns, to the girl who's actually selling that same dress on ebay to by herself more yarn. There's still a long way to go, until I reach these 25%. But I'm so happy with the choice that I made to embrace this path. Heathered is the second cardigan that I made. Since I wear dresses not only in the hotest days of the year, but also in the harsh winter days, there's always plenty of space in my wardrobe for a new cardigan. 

After working with merino wool on my first cardigan, I wanted to use a fiber that what totally new to me - linen. I never thought plant fibers could be that soft. It was such a nice surprise when I opened up the box that contained the luxurious fibers. For this project I have used BC garn Alinno, which is a blend of organic cotton & linen. If you ever thought of starting a summery project with natural fibers, I would highly recommend you this yarn.

Heathered is a very simple yet sophisticated cardigan. I love everything about this pattern & I'll probably knit it again this winter.

Ps: Welcome to my woods!