A swap, stash enhancement & a new design

stash enhancement.JPG
new pattern design.JPG
tern and lark Quince&co.JPG
Quince & co card.JPG

A few months back, I got in touch with the dear Grace a.k.a Juniper Grace. She's hosting the most wonderful podcast, and I'm always hoping that she's going to release a new episode every week. So when she asked me if I would like to swap yarn + goodies with her, I was thrilled. I asked her what kind of yarn she'd like to receive from me. She immediately pointed the yarn that I've used for my very first cardigan -and she could not make a better choice than that. Ulysse is by far one of my favourite yarns. 

Then she told me that she could send me yarn that I cannot find easily in Europe. And when she mentioned Quince & Co, I'm sure you could see two stars shining in my eyes for a second. I've been dreaming of their yarn for months and months and months. It is so hard to get one tiny skein here in Europe!

I've also received the dilemma yarn from De Rerum Natura. Could Giliatt be better than Ulysse? I don't know, but it's perfect. 

And finally, I'm working on several projects. One of them will take place this summer. There's a lot of work and homework to be done, but that's something that I enjoy with all my heart. I'm also working on one more personal project this time. If everything goes well, I hope to publish it in the early days of fall. Have you ever knit with plant fibers? Nettle yarn?

Happy Spring!