The last hat -Sea to sky-

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At the same time last year, my friend Charlotte and I decided to challenge ourselves, and knit every single month of the year, our favourite accessories - hats.

And I cannot believe that it's been twelve months since the challenge started already! I got to meet amazing people through this experience, discovered gorgeous patterns, got in touch with talented designers, played with beautiful yarn and acquired more knowledge and techniques about hat constructions. You can check my Ravelry project page to see which hats I've been knitting over the past year, you'll also find blogposts links.

For this month -the last month, I have decided to knit Kate's most recent design. I stumbled upon her work on instagram, and fell in love instantly. Her "Sea to Sky hat" has been inspired by a beautiful coastline in Canada. She reproduced this landscape by dividing her design in three parts: at the bottom, the ribs represent the waves in the ocean. Above are the seabirds, flying over sea, probably searching for some fishes. And at the top, Canadian mountains to frame this amazing landscape. "A huge expanse of ocean, mountains beyond and a vast open sky that all blend together so seamlessly. In that sky you will often see bald eagles soaring high up on the thermals or a flock of seabirds over an undulating sea."

Since I"m more into knitting to get a final product,  think I would categorize myself as a "product knitter". But I think that this project made me appreciate the time that I spend knitting so much more. I really took my time - this time, and tried to enjoy the beauty in every stitch.