My cat lady side

kitty 1.JPG

If you would ask me to pick out one thing that I adore more than yarn, it would definitely be animals. I remember when I was still a little girl, my mom was always telling me not to put my face so close to cats and dogs - how annoying I thought she was! I wanted to spend all of my time cuddling them, playing with them, and most probably sneaking one of them in my pocket to bring back home with me. From time to time, these happy memories of furry friends come back to me, and I'm so glad to be able to rely on photographs to remember the good time.

Whenever I decide to go out for a walk, I'm always eager to spot a lazy cat napping under or tree, or another waiting patiently for his food to come. Here in Latvia, they're everywhere! Most of the people feed them and take care of them. That's probably why so many of them decide to settle so close to human houses. I love to see how they behave in front of the camera -half interested, half suspicious, and snap a few pictures of their adorable faces.

So be prepared to witness my cat lady side.