Reaching daily happiness

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What make you feel happy in your daily life?

I'm a true believer that happiness belongs to those who know how to appreciate simple pleasures from daily life. I experience tiny bits of genuine happiness everyday, whether it's when I start working on a new project - I'm so happy to take part in Camp Aloha Friends this summer and teach a few classes; every time that I look at my tomato plants; or when a new package, filled with squishy yarn  arrives at my doorstep - and the thought of starting a new project with it of course; when patterns that I've been working on for months become something concrete, or they don't but turn out beautifully in a completely diffferent way; the branches that I've collected outside during a walk & keep their blooms for a few more days; witnessing how fast plants and flowers can grow in just a few days ; or discovering that someone that I've been following for a long time on Instagram has decided to start sending his sheep's fleece to the mill & sell his organic wool in just a few more weeks online.