Colors of my studio

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Almost every Friday evening, my boyfriend and I, head out to his family to spend the week-end together.  I usually like to stay in the wooden kitchen cooking, knitting,  dreaming of future projects, drinking tea and chatting.

It's always so relaxing and I feel completely refreshed when I come back home on Sunday morning. Then, I usually spend the rest of the day in my studio, cleaning a bit, making lists for the following week, chatting with my parents and taking care of the plants that I've collected over the week-end -this week I came back with a basket full of lilac! They're literally everywhere right now, and it's such a blast to walk in the streets with all of the blooming trees. I bought some material to start a new embroidery project. I'm so excited about it, and cannot wait to start filling this empty fabric with colorful knots.


Last week was also my birthday, and I still cannot truly believe that I turned twenty-five. Time is passing by so fast. It made me realize how important it is to enjoy every single day fully, pay attention to the tiny details that make everyday so special. My boyfriend surprised me a week after my birthday with a huge cardboard box. I genuinely thought that it was a twist, since I'm always "not knitting". But he remembered that I always wanted to learn how to play ukulele. Even though my hands were just starting to get used to the feeling of the strings between my fingers, my heart was singing with joy. Is there a more cheerful instrument than uke?


I made some progress on my Helga cardigan. Even though I promised myself to slow down and take the time, I realised that both back and front were almost completed already. That's usually what happens when there's a lot of rainy days & a bunch of good movies/ tv series to watch in the evening. Lately I've been enjoying The white queen, and a movie that features my favourite japanese actors.