Midsummer simplicities

chamomile tea
latvian woods


It’s been raining so much in here lately. Days and nights of heavy rain made everything grow so fast!
Unexpectedly the mushrooming season is officially opened! I couldn’t find any better way to celebrate midsummer than foraging in the woods!
So yesterday morning, I was impatiently waiting for the rain to stop pouring at my window, a cup of hot coffee between my hands. As soon as the rain stopped, I rushed to put my shoes on, grabbed a basket and headed out to the woods.
I was so surprised to see so many chanterelles popping out of their mossy blanket. Most of them were still very small so I let them grow a little bit more.  But some others were already so big! I couldn’t leave these ones behind! We also found some wild strawberries! That was the very first time that I saw them growing in the wild. I've never had the chance to taste them before, and I was so surprised by their flavor! We first intented to bring some back home, but oh well, we ate them all... The weather forecast for next week is for heavy rain everyday. Which means that even more mushrooms will end up in my plate!

How did you celebrate midsummer this year?

* On the first two pitcures: I bought some chamomille at the market. It's drying in the kitchen right now. I'm saving it to make summer infusions and teas, and the smell is heavenly!

* The winners of the Blucase giveaway will be announced at the beginning of next week!