A forager's simple wishlist

a forager's simple wishlist


1. It's always a good idea to keep a foraging ressource whilst mushrooming in the woods. But if a book is too heavy to carry around, there's also some apps that are very useful to identify mushrooms. Check and double check the item you've foraged before eating it.

2. I recently learned that there's a proper way to pick mushrooms. Always carry a knife around, cut the foot of the mushroom but not the root. Remove any dust and mud with the little brush while you're still in the woods so you won't have to do it at home.

3. A basket is the forager's essential. The mushrooms want to breathe after they've been picked. Avoid plastic bags as much as possible. Bring several brown paper bags to keep the different species apart.

4. Here in Latvia, the woods are infested by ticks. So we usually dry to dress up with light colors, so the little besties would be spotted easily if they try to climb up. I can easily imagine myself running trhough the woods with this gorgeous linen dress.

5. A pocket compass is always handy. You never know where the quest of finding mushrooms might take you.

6. The best moment to forage for mushrooms is usually just after the rain. That's the moment they stop "hidding". Foraging can sometimes take many hours, so keep your feet dry.