Evening walk

golden hour
golden hour
leaf and crystal woods
in the woods
meadow golden flower


I just came back from a lovely walk in the woods and the meadow. It's been so refreshing to go out after spending the whole day inside, renovating the flat and cleaning up the dust that accumulated in every corner.

After whole the rain that poured these last few days, I feel that the plants in the woods grew so fast. Most of them are already in bloom and tiny mushrooms can be spotted between the light pillows of green moss. I also spotted several places where I can get wild strawberries and blueberries. I tried to get some, but it was already late in the evening - the mosquitos were starting to invade the woods, and found my legs particularly sweet. But I cannot wait to get back tomorrow morning, before the rain if I can, and collect as much as I can!

Wishing you a lovely evening.