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botanical diary
drying chamomille
botanical diary
blending herbal teas


This week has been so hectic for so many reasons! We started by celebrating Jāņi which is the Latvian Midsummer festival. We spent quite some time in the kitchen, cooking and eating caraway cheese. Then we headed out to the woods to pick more mushrooms. It's still the very beginning of the season, but we were able to forage enough to eat them of garlic bread. It was divine! Next time, I intend to bring a small pan and fry them in the forest.
We've aslo been busy making renovations in the flat. We're planning to get rid of most of the old Soviet furniture that takes so much space and create a minimalistic space: paint the walls white, remove the old linonium and put clean parquet instead, surround ourselves with lot of plants... (this diy caught my eye!) Last week, we removed the very old and dirty wallpaper in the hallway, and yesterday we had to plaster many parts of the walls. There's still so much work to do, but it's been very nice to work as a team. I never thought renovating could be so much fun.
I haven't been knitting that much lately. But I made significant progress on my Keynote since last time. I'm also working on new designs for the shop. Spending time outside really helped me in the creative process, and I cannot wait to start knitting the sketches that I made.


on the stove
foraged bluebberies jam
drying blueberry leaves
drying wild strawberry leaves


The rain is pouring like crazy these days. And I wonder if we're ever going to have a proper Summer this year. But that means that everything has been growing so fast! Yesterday evening during my walk, I realised that the blueberry bushes that were not carrying any fruit two weeks ago are full of them now. So this morning, I went back to the woods, more equiped that yesterday. I got four several boxes to pick wild strawberries, blueberries and leaves.

I never I would get that much! But we did het enough to fill two containers of jams and enjoy our morning pancakes with. The leaves and the wild strawberries are drying on trays in the kitchen, and hopefully in just a few weeks, I'll be able to blend my own herbal teas.

* The set of knitting needles can be found here.