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Oh we had such a wonderful weekend!
We took the bus on Friday evening and enjoyed the two hours trip to reach our destination in Lithuania. It was amazing to see the fields changing colours with the golden hour, and the white storks feasting in the fields or nesting in their gigantic nests.
We found ourselves busy, working in the garden, drinking copious amount of herbal tea, eating fruits from the bushes, wildcrafting herbs in the little paths around the house, and knitting (for me).

Everytime that we get there, and spend time in this little Eden, it reinforces my dreams to own my own land, and start working on my little homestead: taking care of a small livestock, gathering eggs, harvesting fruits and veggetables, baking bread, harvesting honey (maybe -I'm allergic to bee stings)...

We came back home on Sunday evening with bags full of the garden deliciousness. The plants are now drying in my kitchen, getting ready to be blended for medicinal tea.