A week of wool

Jamieson & Smith


Lately I decided to reorganise my stash and separate the yarn that I stricktly use for the shop to the one I use for my personnal projects. I don't own much, but I love to see these little skeins together. Whenever I stop by, I try not too look at them for too long, or cuddle them. Crazy, right? How can tiny colorful balls of wool can bring so much hapinesss and warmth into someone's heart?

As I mentionned in a previous post, Lori got me inspired by her Shetland trip that she's taking along with Nicole (these ladies are so amazing. They both contributed to Madder's Anthology I ( I had to grab a copy, but that's another story)). They both knit garments to bring with them on the Scottish Island, and one of these pattern is the Shwook hat. I've never tried colorwork before. I guess I've always been quite initimidated, and didn't feel confident enough to knit with several colors. For some reason, I find it very hard to combine colors together and create a palette that will showcase the pattern beautifully.

The five skeins in the middle are the ones that I'll be using to make the hat during the Shetland wool week in October. Even though I'm not attending the event, I thought it could be so much fun to take part in the festivities, and celebrate a week of wool.